The history of Avast traces the history of personal technology innovations, the rise of the internet, and the integration of technology into nearly every aspect of people’s increasingly digital lives.

Over its 30-year history, Avast has maintained its roots in the Czech Republic, fueled by a sense of fierce independence, a passion for protecting people’s right to security and privacy, and a strong engineering talent pool. Today, we have over 1,700 people in 25 locations around the world, and we maintain our engineering culture and our commitment to the people who rely on our products to keep them safe online.

In 2009, Vincent Steckler joined the company as CEO, creating an inflection point in Avast’s growth. Vince and his leadership team diversified the business and expanded the breadth of it's product lines. Through Vince’s leadership, in 2016, the Group acquired AVG, a group of companies with a very similar business to that of Avast, creating the largest consumer security company in the world. 



Pavel Baudis defeats the Vienna virus, and he and Eduard Kucera establish the ALWIL cooperative to distribute and sell their newly created software.


Following the fall of Communism after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Pavel and Eduard break off from the rest of the cooperative, establishing ALWIL as a company.


Ondrej Vlcek, now CEO of Avast, joins the company as a software developer.


After refusing an offer to be acquired, ALWIL licenses its Avast antivirus to McAfee, and watches the global distribution of the software grow rapidly.


Avast makes the crucial decision to upend the traditional business model and offer a fully featured, free antivirus product in all markets.


Within 30 months, Avast is being used by over 1 million people – and revenues begin to grow.


User growth continues exponentially, doubling twice in one year and reaching 20 million.


Vincent Steckler is appointed CEO of Avast.


Summit Partners comes on board as an investor. ALWIL is rebranded to Avast to match the name of our iconic software.


Avast Free Mobile Security becomes the best-rated security app on Google Play.

Avast Free Antivirus is the most downloaded software on


Mobile family safety apps hit the 1,000,000 subscriber milestone through mobile carrier partnerships.


CVC Capital Partners becomes a strategic investor.

Our mobile products also reach the 100 million download milestone faster than any mobile security tool in Google Play history.


Avast opens its new Prague headquarters, bringing Silicon Valley style to the Czech Republic.


Avast acquires fellow Czech-based cybersecurity giant AVG, doubling our total number of users and bringing on new talent and technologies.

The acquisition gives Avast the largest and most advanced threat detection network, based on our massive user base, and further diversifies our product portfolio, geographic base, and revenue streams.


All versions of Avast antivirus protect against WannaCry, BadRabbit and NotPetya ransomware and Emotet crypto-mining attacks, without requiring a single product update.

Avast reaches $811M of Adjusted Billings in 2017.

Avast acquires Piriform, bringing our total active users to over 435 million.


Avast lists on the London Stock Exchange.


Ondrej Vlcek appointed CEO - leading a new phase of growth.